OOTBS Thought:  Any large climate phenomenon creates some stunning sites.  Snow is perhaps one of the prettiest.  Massive snow from space is just amazing.

Original story below.

In case you somehow missed it, a pretty large portion of the country is currently buried beneath a pretty large portion of snow.

But its hard to truly appreciate the scale of it all until you see it from space.

Astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted a couple pictures of Winter Storm Jonas from his view aboard the International Space Station.

The ISS Facebook page followed up with some more photos, including a shot of thunder snow in action.

Of course, a single shot of thunder snow even from space cannot match the glory of the six instances of thunder snow and one amazed meteorologist captured on film during the 2015 Boston blizzard.The snow is truly a sight to behold and it should stay just that. This is your yearly reminder to please not eat snow. It’s gross. According to a 2014 study in Environmental Science: Process and Impacts, snow is really good at sucking in pollutants from things like car exhaust. So its not recommended you eat it.

What should you eat then? Eggs.

Photo by Scott Kelly/Twitter

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