A Floating Forest To Be Installed In Rotterdam


OOTBS Thought:  This is a cool thought.  Instead of destroying trees for a development they are transplanting them into buoys in the water.

Original story below.

On March 16, 2016, a floating forest of 20 trees will be launched in Rotterdam, Holland. Inspired by an art piece named “In Search Of Habitus,” by artist Jorge Bakker, local art collective Mothership is behind this more ambitious project. After conducting a successful trial in 2014, the group felt it was ready to move forward.

“The Bobbing Forest will be made mostly from pre-existing materials,” states the project webpage. “The trees will be donated by the Bomendepot. Each time a part of the city is renovated, trees have to be moved. In the past, these trees would have been destroyed; nowadays, however, the city’s Public Works Department stores them at the Bomendepot. Twenty old sea buoys from the North Sea will be provided by Rijkswaterstaa…”

20 floating trees are going to be launched in Rotterdam this year

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Image credits: Dobberend Bos

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