People who have read surmise that climate action and clean energy advocates have no place in the Trump era.

According to articles linked to Trump’s website, the President-elect is all set to steer the US towards energy independence and he will achieve this by optimizing the use of traditional as well as renewable energy.  

He would like to see the country as a net exporter of energy and in doing so, he hopes to generate more jobs for Americans.  The article also mentions about the country’s vast coal, oil, and gas deposits and his plan of tapping these reserves and use them for them to the country’s advantage.  

He vows to help fossil fuel producers operate profitably instead of hindering them just like what the past administration has allegedly done. In fact, he has promised to facilitate issuances of permits in favor of energy producers, including to those engaged in fossil fuel production.

He said that the previous war on coal and natural gas has resulted in job loss among Americans.  Thus, he will order a revisit of anti-fossil fuel laws and rescind those that run counter to his overall strategy of energy independence.

He is also set to cancel specific programs under Obama’s rule, including the Clean Power as well as Climate Action programs.  According to the President-elect, these are detrimental to maintaining low energy costs.  Moreover, he believes their beneficial effect on the environment has been too negligible thus scrapping them will have minimal impact.

Trump says that the energy sector will play a large role in further propelling the US economy.  Thus, he seems dead set on softening energy regulations, saying that this action plan will bring in more jobs and wealth to all of America.

Despite these action plans, Trump promises to conserve the nation’s natural resources.  He will take under his wing real conservation experts, not radicals with hidden agendas he said.

Some observers note that his plans are clear indications that he defies scientific findings of climate change and its impact on the planet.  

The US is listed as one of the countries with the highest CO2 emissions and with Trump in the helm for two years, the country’s industries are expected to release more than 3 billion tons of it into the air, experts reveal.   

The objectives of the Paris Agreement, recently ratified by many countries including the US may be difficult to achieve.

If Trump promises a beautiful and progressive America, why does he ignore programs on clean energy?

Authorities in US health policies claim that he isn’t going to waste time in bringing back America to its glory days.  He will do this even if there will be environmental repercussions in the future.  It’s a trade-off which will be felt most when he is long gone from the oval office.