Cancer is, unfortunately, a widespread disease. Regardless its type, we should be aware of its risks. Appears people are mostly familiar with it, yet American Institut For Cancer Research conducted detailed analysis about this. They exam abilities of Americans to correctly identified habits that are the cause for cancer development. The results are somewhat surprising, as the awareness aren’t on the expected level.

AACR: It is estimated that more than half of the 595,690 cancer deaths expected to occur in the United States in 2016 were related to preventable causes.

American Institut For Cancer Research reports nine risks which aren’t recognizable for half Americans. These risks are:

GMO – No established link to cancer

Genetically modified organisms following much controversy, but one is for sure according to AICR – there is no conclusive link between GMO and cancer development. Yet, half of surveyed Americans think that eating such a food increase chances for disease.

There is no link between cancer and GMO

Beef Hormones

Similar to GMO, 53 % of Americans believe that eating beef meat cause the cancer increase for developing the illness. The truth is there is still no clear evidence that supports these beliefs.

AICR found no clear proof for association between beef and cancers

Diets high in fat and sugar

Although the sugar itself is linked with obesity, hence with a solid ground for cancer development, diets high in fat or high in sugar aren’t connected with it. At least there is no conclusive evidence. People also think sugar spreads disease quickly, but according to the MDAnderson Cancer Center, it’s a myth. In AICR survey 44% people yet think that these diets, especially sugar, is a path to spread disease.

Sugar leads to obesity, but diets high in fat and sugar aren’t directly linked to cancer


Probably the stress is most used as a cause for any disease. Although it is indeed connected with some health problems, studies didn’t found clear evidence for a relation between stress and cancer. There are some indirect and weak links, yet insufficient for such a claims. This opinion does not share 56% of those surveyed by AICR.https://outoftheboxscience.comttp://×174.jpg” alt=”” width=”383″ height=”222″ /> Although stress can cause a number of physical health problems, the evidence that it can cause cancer is weak.[/caption]


Internacional Agency For Research found that coffee may cause the rare type of cancer called – Esophageal. This type is common in places such as Iran, China or India, but in America is very rare. On the other side, AICR didn’t find a conclusive link to the common type of disease. As a matter of fact, coffee consumption could lower risk of liver and endometrial cancers. Only 10 % of Americans are aware of this.

Although it increase risk for esophagus cancer, it actually lower the risk for liver and endometrial cancers