Undomesticated banana

Long before we ever knew that DNA existed and started splicing genes to quickly create what we consider to be a “better” fruit or vegetable, scientist and farmers were using selected breading to accomplish the same result.

The next time you take a bite into a fruit or vegetable, consider what it may have looked like before humans ever started selectively breeding it.

Here are 6 examples of how humans forever changed what these “natural” foods look like.


Undomesticated watermelon
Pasteques by Giovanni Stanchi Dei Fiori
This painting by Giovanni Stanchi depicts a watermelon that looks more like a pomegranate than a juicy pink watermelon, a strong contrast from what we eat today.  Yet this painting is only from 350 years ago.

Meanwhile our watermelons of today not only exhibit no internal structure, they also lack seeds.
Watermelon seedless

Next up is the banana…