At least a half of the population is on a diet every day. True, obesity is a serious problem of people nowadays. Thousands of popular websites are full of nutrition tips that will revolutionary change your body weight. Often, when tips become viral, they are taken for granted. No science behind to support it. People in their yearning for weight loss, somehow forget to be skeptical and critical. Fortunately, there are scientists and nutrition specialists who debunk popular diet myths. We have prepared for you 8 most common myths that are scientifically proven to be incorrect.

Not Eating After 7 pm Speeds Up Weight Loss

Somehow it happened that people think are more important when you eat than what and how much. The body weight depends on many factors, such as physical activity, a number of calories entered during the day and so on. Here, the time doesn’t play such an important role. A team from Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition at the University of Illinois conducted a study which proved that time and frequency of eating per day make almost no difference to body weight. Yes, eating during the night could increase the blood sugar, but there are no long-term trials to confirm that eating after 7 pm could reduce weight.

Conclusion: focus on food quality and activity rather than time.