The claims of supplement manufacturers are as crazy as they are frequent.  You have probably heard (or tried) some of the most ridiculous claims about what a supplement can do to “remove belly fat” or “shrink your waist.”  

Because supplements do not fall under the FDA’s jurisdiction they are not very regulated.  While they cannot make false claims they are able to manipulate the wording of their marketing to appear it does something that it in fact has no business being used to treat or address.

Rather than try and point out every misleading claim in the supplement universe, we are going to focus on the 9 must have ingredients for an effective weight-loss or weight control supplement.  Not ranked in any order.

1. Caffeine

Everybody knows caffeine.  A lot of people refuse to start their day without it and for good reason.  Caffeine has been proven to stimulate energy production and shown improvements in mood.  It has also been shown to be a fat metabolizer (part of how it increases energy).  

2. Garcinia Cambogia

If you pay any attention to supplements you have noticed this one making a huge surge.  Partly because it has been proven to be an incredibly effective appetite suppressant.  Partly because it is one of the very few supplements that Google and Facebook will allow companies to advertise for on their platforms.

3.  Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar serves two powerful purposes when it comes to weight-loss.  It has shown to be incredible at stabilizing blood sugar which is essential for preventing the storage of new fat and allowing your body to burn fat stores.  To compliment this blood sugar affect, it also appears to turn on genes that breakdown fats.

4. Ashwaganda

You may have never heard of ashwaganda but that doesn’t mean it lacks uses.  Ashwagandha contains chemicals that help calm the brain, reduce swelling (inflammation), lower blood pressure.  The brain calming effect is particularly powerful in helping “willpower” during trying days.


GABA is a very powerful depressive neuromine.  But taking it orally has no effect on mood or GABA levels in the brain because of the body’s regulating system for this type of chemical.  However GABA’s presence in the rest of the body has been shown to increase levels of human growth hormone, a hormone that is known to promote healing and decrease body fat.

6. 5-HTP

5-HTP has a powerful effect on serotonin levels.  Some studies have shown that 5-HTP may be as useful as some antidepressant drugs.  5-HTP is currently being studied for its usefulness against depression, fibromyalgia, insomnia, migraines, headaches and obesity.  With weight gain often affecting mood and creating mild to moderate depression, 5-HTP addresses this issue.

7.  DMAE

DMAE is the lesser known compound found in fish, known for its brain boosting power.  So why is it on our list of 9 essential supplements for weight-loss?  If you haven’t noticed by now the brain plays an integral role in our weight-loss especially as it relates to our eating.  DMAE has shown to decrease outburst of erratic behavior and if we can prevent just one binge episode a month, the supplement is worth having.  It has also started being used as a skin tightener and age-spot reducer.

8. Bladderwrack Root

Bladderwrack root has many uses including as an anti-inflammatory, digestion aid and cholesterol lowering agent, our primary purpose is for its thyroid boosting properties.  You thyroid controls the hormones that control your metabolism and all-day energy.  If your thyroid is slumping, your metabolism is slumping and you do not feel like exercising.  Get it boosted and so boosts your metabolism and your vigor for life.

9. Ashwagandha

Sometimes I wonder what ashwagandha can’t do.  It promotes graceful aging and reduces the symptoms of menopause.  It was mentioned in the Kama Sutra for supporting sexual potency.  It supports memory and mood, increases vigor and fertility.  We have included it our list because of how it affects these things.  Ashwagandha acts as a hormone stabilizer, bringing out of sort hormones back to the middle where they belong so that your body can function how it is designed to function.  Basically it gets your body out of the way of itself.


Finding a supplement that have all of these ingredients can be very difficult.  Standard “fat-burners” will contain maybe one or two, three if you are lucky.  High-end “designer” weight-loss supplements or stacks will usually be more inclusive of our list.  Personally our favorite is the Triple-Fat-Attack from Generic Supplements.  Not only does it check all 9 of these ingredients off the list, they do it a much lower price than the “designer” products.

All weight-loss attempts must be attacked with respect to exercise and proper nutrition.  The supplements that we have highlighted are those that we believe has sufficient evidence to support the various aspects of losing weight.