Animal Species Discovered In 2016


The animal world is richer for several new species. After fantastic science facts that we learn in 2016, on our top discoveries list at the and of the year are some cool living beings. Check it out!


Ziggy Stardust Snake

Rainbow-headed snake was discovered among the cliffs of northern Laos in Southeast Asia. Not only was this snake a new species, it was part of a whole new Genus: Parafimbrios. It is discovered by the team from The World Wide Fund. The snake was named after the Devid Bowie’s character.

Alexandre Teynie/WWF


Four-Penised Millipede

Researchers Jean Krejca from Zara Environmental, Paul Marek from Virginia Tech and Bill Shear from Hampden-Sydney College discovered a tiny threadlike millipede, named Illacme tobini. It was found in the unexplored caves in Sequoia National Park. This very interesting millipede has 414 legs, no eyes, 200 poison glands, and four penises.

Paul Marek/Virginia Tech via ZooKeys


Teeny, Weeny Doomed Salamanders

Scientists have discovered three tiny and unbelievably cute species of salamander in mountain forests of Oaxaca, Mexico. The three newbies have been named Thorius pinicol, Thorius longicaudus, and Thorius tlaxiacus. Unfortunately, they are already headed for extinction.

Long-tailed Minute Salamander. Mario García-París


Spaceship jellyfish

The alien-like hydromedusa was spotted by the NOAA at a depth of around 12,100 feet in an area of the Mariana Trench called the Enigma Seamount.

NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research


Leaf Spider

Leaf spider was found in China’s Yunnan rainforest. Scientists think to belong to a genus of orb web spider called Poltys, but with even better camouflage ability. This is the first time a leaf masquerade has been seen in an arachnid.

Image: Matjaž Kuntner


Harry Potter Spider

New spider species was discovered by Mumbai researchers in central western ghats in Karnataka, India. The spider is barely 7 mm length. As spider resembles on wizard Godric Griifindor in the Hary Potter his scientific name is Eriovixia Gryffindory.

Indian Journal of Arachnology


Fish-Eating Spider

Another spider species was discovered in Queensland, Australia. This spider is capable of eating cane toads, tadpoles, frogs, and fish. It can kill the prey up five times their own body size, thanks to his powerful poison. His scientific name is Dolomedes briangreenei

Queensland Museum

Obviously, this year was very fruitful for the science world. We can’t wait for new discoveries!

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