Followers are saddened by the killing of a New Jersey bear which became popular because of its near-human gait.

While still alive, Pedals earned the love and adoration of fans because of his human-like gait. Unlike other bears, Pedals consistently walked upright instead of on all fours.

Reports say Pedals might have been killed by one of the participants of New Jersey’s hunting event held just a week ago.

Early on, Activist, Lisa Rose-Rublack petitioned that the beloved bear is placed in an animal sanctuary.

While the dead bear was reportedly Pedals, no official confirmation has been issued yet because it didn’t have a tracking collar nor was it part of a DNA database. However, Rose-Rublack said the alleged killer shared that he did shoot the bear and has planned it for a time now.

Pedals have been spotted and photographed many times walking and wandering like a human being in the suburban parts of New Jersey. According to reports, his near-human gait is a result of an accident, forcing him to use just his hind legs to move about. Other than this disability, it was a healthy bear says a wildlife expert who has been monitoring it.

In one of the issues of National Geographic, bears typically adapt to disabilities brought on by accidents or birth defects. Pedals is a classic example of an animal’s strong survival instincts.
The death of Pedals prompted a feeling of deep loss among the bear’s followers and laid blame on some sectors for allowing its senseless killing.

Bear sightings in all of New Jersey’s counties have been consistently recorded. The black bear hunting event in the state has been reinstated starting 2010 and participants are ordered to follow the established respective safety zones for firearm and bow hunting.

This year, the event was scheduled in two parts. The first event ran from October 10 to 15 and the final event is due on December 10 to 15.

Black bears are typically afraid of humans and will not attack unless they are frightened or their young are at risk.

The killing of Pedals brought sadness and even outrage among fans who have come to adore him. The next black bear hunting event is due in December and fans are wondering if the “accident” would have any impact at all on the state’s wildlife officials.