Two weeks ago NASA excitingly announced the major discovery of nearby solar system named Trappist which consists of seven planets. Three of them are probably habitable and future observations will be focused to discover any chemicals that could be significant ingredients of life. But, while we are waiting for the news from this intriguing 39 light years distant world, we should consider names for planets. Therefore, last week NASA jokingly asked people on twitter to propose the names of these exoplanets.

As we might expect, people were very original and funny with their suggestions. The motives were mainly political, film and bookish. From seven dwarfs, across the seven hills of Rome, to the seven wonders of the ancient world, ideas were inexhaustible. Here are some of the funniest twitter recommendations:

  1. Street race fans probably love these suggestions.

2. Friend’s characters are always in trend

3. These months Tramp is an infinite inspiration

4. For those who can’t lurk Pluto’ s uncertain status

5. Subconscious desire to discover life as our on Earth and meet some alien friends.

6. Harry Potter inspiration

7. There  were some serious suggestions too

The names of newly discovered objects are usually decided on by the discoverers. According to the International Astronomical Union ( which is responsible for these things ), the name mustn’t be similar to the existing ones or to be offensive. Also, it is desirable that name is short and easy to pronounce. So, this topic is open yet and we will see which names will be officially adopted by IAU.

In a meanwhile, do you have any eye-catching suggestions?