Gravitational Waves Could Breakdown Theory Of Relativity


Gravitational waves discovery were a huge happening in the astronomer’s world in the 2016 year. This was just another acknowledgment of Einstein’s ingenuity, as he predicted waves 100 years ago.

An artistic impression of colliding black holes and the resulting gravitational waves

Gravitational waves, as it is explained, are the ripples in space-time that had radiated out from the merging of two black holes. On the first look, the discovery of this waves was a confirmation of the theory of relativity. Still, some twist might be happening in the near future. The black holes are, of course, the culprits. On their event horizon, the theory just falling apart!

Three gravitational wave events have occurred since February according to the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. Thanks to those events, scientist get enough data. They claim they’ve found evidence of ‘echoes’ in the waves that are in the contrary of Einstein’s theory. Researchers premonitions are published on They are now left for the further discussion in physicist community, waiting for the 5 sigma confidence level.

It is not new though that theory of relativity breaks down when comes into the center of the black hole. However,  the possibility that it breaks down even on their edges, are casting a new shade of light. If those wave hints that comes from their echoes becomes a proven scientific fact, that may cause a newborn of physics.

Let’s get more insight in echoes. It is related to something that we called the black hole paradox. As it’s already well known, everything that comes to the certain point of a black hole is swollen. Nothing can escape, even the light.  Still, the scientist questions the idea that nothing leaves a trace, as it is opposite to quantum mechanic. That is the main riddle of the modern psychic. How to combine both, the theory of relativity and the quantum mechanic, in a way that it have a sense?

One of the biggest nowadays physicists, Stephen Hawking propose an idea that the black holes are surrounded by the low-energy quantum excitations. That quantum store a signature pattern of everything that’s been sucked up by a black hole. So, if this is correct a series of echoes should be released after an initial gravitational wave burst. The problem with all of these hypotheses is a current inability to test them.

LIGO detections of echoes from gravitational waves still may be confused with some background noise. Their expectation of further instrument improvement and sensitivity allows them to wait for the confirmation in the next 2 years whether those echoes are real or not. If the answers are positive, it will open some new questions and make further news from physicists even more exciting.


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