Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will appear in a line, from high in the north to low in the east.  These five planets have been observed since the ancient times but this will be the first time in 10 years that they will appear together in the sky.  This alignment will be visible in from January 20th through the end of February.

All but Mercury have been visible since the beginning for the year.  Jupiter is bright in the now, then Mars and a pale Saturn then finally a bright Venus just above the eastern horizon.  

As Mercury transition from an evening celestial object to a morning object, it will appear very low in the eastern horizon but will also be the faintest.  Mercury will continue to rise higher each day and by early February, it will appear just below Venus.5 Planet Alignment

Let The Moon Guide You

Seeing the planets may not get you all that excited since they are hard to see unlike stars, they do not emit their own light.  You can use the Moon to help you identify the planets, the Moon will pass by each one of them.

Jupiter is first up on January 28, as the Moon will appear next to it.  Then on February 1, it will be next to Mars and the following morning below the red planet.  February 4 will bring the moon near Saturn and the 6th alongside Venus.  Finally on the 7th, it will sit just below Mercury.

Capture This Rarity

To make the best of this rare circumstance, try to to find a clear, open space where you can see the north across to the eastern horizon.  While this has not happened in over 10 years, these five planets will actually be visible again in the same sky in August.