The image of an apparent “giant” rat that was found dead lying near a kids’ play area on housing estate in London.

But was it real?  Is that really a 4-foot long rat?

A 4-foot rat would certainly bring scientist with interests in researching a possible new species or new mutation of an existing species.

This giant rat was found by Tony Smith, a gas engineer who was working at a block of flats in Hackeny Downs.  “Is the largest rat I’ve ever seen in my life,” commented Smith.  The brown rat (rattus norvegicus) is common in the British sewer system, but they only reach 16 inches in length and weight just over a pound.

This giant has been estimated to be 3 times the size, more than 4 feet in length and 25 pounds!

But is it real?

More than likely it is not a new or mutated species.

More likely this is a simple photography tricky and not a rat the size of a medium sized dog.

Oliver O’Brien shows us skepticism and math behind “debunking” this photograph below.

Hackney Council declared that “it’s probably not that big,” by showcasing this very simple demonstration.