Obama’s approach to the race towards Mars is seen to help narrow the “gap” between earth and its red neighbor.

In a CNN article, the president fondly recalled memories of his grandfather waving the American flag in a gesture to honor U.S astronauts visiting Hawaii. This event in his life happened years before the celebrated first manned landing on the moon.

The article points out America’s insatiable quest for answers and unparalleled creativity and ingenuity. These are what makes America exceptional, the article implies.

These attributes made it possible for the U.S. to take the lead as regards the mission to bring people to Mars. When Congress passed the 2017 budget presented by NASA, it became clear that government is dead set on its space exploration efforts.

Similarly, other giants like China and those in the European regions have high stakes in the race to Mars. The U.S. government, with Obama still at the helm, will do anything to make sure that U.S. astronauts would be the first humans to ever set foot on the red planet.

The Martian mission isn’t the only space exploration project being pursued under Obama’s leadership. In recent years, the U.S. produced the first map of dwarf planet Pluto, discovered extrasolar planets, and allowed the private sector to participate in, and contribute to, space exploration ventures, among others.

Obama strongly supported space programs from the onset. He encouraged more in-depth studies of the solar system and further exploration of the universe and its frontiers.

He added that government also gave full support for technological advancements at NASA and maintained the International Space Station. Moreover, as private sector participated in some U.S. space projects, more jobs have been created, thus revitalizing the space industry.

However, of all the space programs under his turf, the red planet appears to be Obama’s top priority.
He envisions that in the year 2030, Mars will be seeing NASA astronauts in its own skies but emphasized that both the public and private sector must join hands to see it through.

Probably, the race has been won.