Patent diagrams for Samsung’s smart contact lenses.

South Korea just granted Samsung a patent for contact lenses that project images directly in the wearer’s eye.

As reported by SamMobile, the tech giant has developed the lenses that control the built-in camera just by blinking.  The lenses are equipped with embedded antennas that transmit the data to a smartphone for processing.

Samsung sees limitation with the quality of image that can be produced with “smart glasses” and is developing these “smart lenses” as the next evolution of wearable technology and a dive into the augmented reality space.

Patent diagrams for Samsung's smart contact lenses.
Patent diagrams for Samsung’s smart contact lenses.

Control by blinking does present some challenges with creating accidental data but the thought is not unrealistic.  There will also be the option of controlling the device via your smartphone as you do most other wearables.

Google also holds patents on smart contact lenses although they are primarily for medical use.  Google’s smart lenses read tear fluid chemicals to determine blood sugar levels.

While Google and Samsung have both filed for these smart lense patents that does not mean they are any further along the development cycle than just concept.  Tech companies are granted patents all of the time and is no indication that their concept will ever see the light of day.