Futuristic concept art of a person thinking

IBM continued with their practice about life predictions. Just recently this tech giant announced their newest 5 in 5 lists with predictions about what life will be like in 2022. The predictions are based on very likely tech innovations that will have the biggest impact on our life within the 5 years.

IMBs research has predicted that the highest growth will be expected in the field of artificial intelligence, medical tech devices, sensors, and telescopes. According to them within 5 years we will improve our health care, understanding of environment and living world, with a particular view on Universe.

Futuristic concept art of a person thinking
Most previous IBM tech predictions are now a reality.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, our speech will be a window into our mental health. This IBM prediction claims that we will develop and use machines learning and language processing to predict and observe potential psychiatric disease. What we say and write will be used as indicators of our mental health and physical wellbeing.

Superhero Vision

Imagine that you can see as a safety scanner on airports. Or the quick look on the food that will show you is it safe enough to eat. Developing devices that will make us see microwaves, infrared, pictures in more details is the IBM prediction that will become reality in the next 5 years. We already have a pioneer in these type of devices, like enChroma glasses which help colorblind people to see colors.


Macroscopes will help us understand Earth’s complexity in infinite detail. These are the tools that could reveal us insights hidden within layers or physical and digital data. Macroscopes system in future should able to predict everything from climate change trends to the best ways of distributing food around the globe.

Labs on a chip

Medical benefits from tech development should be the biggest. Lab on chip nanotechnology will help us to see inside our body what is invisible now, to predict diseases such as cancer or Parkinson’s. Remote devices which track our body condition, sending info and warns our doctors throughout AI system will be a reality in 2022 according to IBM.

Environmental sensors

Imagine captured invisible methane leaks in real-time by using smart sensors which could help us to detect pollution instantly. Smart sensors could be installed in the ground or attached to drones in order to early detect any pollution so we could reduce it.


Most of these technologies are in the advanced stages of development, so these IBM predictions should become reality very soon. It is a matter of time when we will step into something that not long ago seems as science fiction.