Since 2012, when SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk envisioned a transportation system based on the Hyperloop concept, several companies works on it to dreams do come true. One of the most known companies, Hyperloop One is on the brink of a first great breakthrough in transportation technology of the 21st century.

After last year demonstration of a radical transport system that could one-day drive travelers in underground pods at jet-like speeds, now they completed a full-scale test track in the Nevada desert.  Moreover, they revealed 11 potential routes that could be built across the US. In a statement, Rob Lloyd, CEO of Hyperloop One, said they will have 500 people working on bringing this technology to life by the end of the year.

Hyperloop One Transform Transportation As We Know It

The company finished a 1,640-foot (500 meters) with a diameter of 3.3-meter testing tube called the DevLoop in the Nevada desert. Inside the tube, seeds filled with passengers and cargo will magnetically levitate and accelerate via electric propulsion to speeds approaching those of a commercial airliner. It is expected to run initial trials on the near-supersonic speed train in the first half of this year.

Along with test track, Hyperloop One also offered 11 potential routes, which include some of the most heavily trafficked regions in the US. The shortest proposed route runs for 64 miles between Boston and Providence, calling at Somerset, while the longest measures 1,152 miles and connects Cheyenne, Wyoming, with Houston, Texas.

Proposed routes by Hyperloop One

It would take an average car 17 hours to travel the longest route, which would be cut down to just an hour and 45 minutes on the Hyperloop. The now-completed DevLoop track will serve as an outdoor lab, where the firm will test levitation, propulsion, vacuum, and control technologies. However, there is a lot of work ahead for Hyperloop One to complete safe, reliable and efficient transport system.

Hyperloop Transportation Network By MADE Collective

What is common between hyperloop transport and the wall along the US-Mexico border promised by Trump? The answer is MADE Collective. Among many design bids proposed for the wall, one particularly excelled. A team of architects, designers, engineers and urban planners from Mexico and the United States proposed to build a US$1 trillion hyperloop transportation network instead of a wall.

Image credit: MADE Collective

So, the main idea is to turn the border into a shared nation, called Otra nation, which would be open to citizens of both Mexico and the United States and co-maintained by both. The current border fence would be replaced by hyperloop design and the petition is already launched.

Stretching about 1,250 miles, featured with stations and solar farms, the designers wrote in their proposal: The existence of the border wall has become more a signifier of status than a barrier that each population sustains in its own form of isolation towards the opposite side.

Image credit: MADE Collective
Image credit: MADE Collective

The team also claims that their system would create US$1 trillion in trade. Doubtless, Trump’s administration will be challenged by this proposal. After all, not everybody has the same interpretation of the word wall.