ADHD is the most diagnosed psychiatric disorder diagnosed in children and teenagers.  While it might not be something that you want to live with your entire life, it might hold some benefits for young people.

Several studies have linked drinking and smoking during pregnancy to ADHD, the biggest factor is your genetic makeup.

The genes that are associated with ADHD are linked to the reward pathways in the brain, leaving these people with lower levels of the “feel-good” hormone, dopamine receptors.  Lacking these receptors makes it more difficult to feel happy or even satisfied with what they are doing.  

By using an fMRI machine we also see that an ADHD brain acts differently.  At rest a “normal” brain is basically in default mode and when it is time to do something, the brain quickly switches over to task-focused network.

However, in the ADHD brain, this switching process doesn’t seem to work.  When the ADHD person starts to do something, the brain switches both parts of the brain to on.  This means that when the ADHD person is trying to accomplish to focus and do a task, both brain networks are on, making it very hard to focus.

Scientists have also found that the differences in the brain make the ADHD person struggle with response inhibition, attention and emotional control.

The Advantage of ADHD

Studies have shown that the ADHD brain was an evolutionary advantage.  ADHD people tend to be more active which would result in higher output of resources collected.  They tended to be much better hunters and more efficient gatherers.

Several studies have shown that ADHD people are more creative in both controlled and real life situations.  Probably because their brains are susceptible to random “out of the box” thinking.

While ADHD does make it more difficult to succeed in our structured school system, certain careers can hold big advantages for the ADHD high energy person.