Holiday time is probably the best time of the year, for many people. Opportunity to gather with a family, relax and enjoy the rich feast makes everyone happy. Yet these moments of holiday pleasure are filled with alcohol. In fact, commercially speaking, holidays and alcohol are inseparable. If anything can quickly to get us into the spirit of celebration, it is a glass of a good, old vine. But, what happens in our brain during these moments?

Stages Of Intoxication

Intoxication contains four stages:

  1. Cerebral cortex – In the 1st stage of intoxication, alcohol hits cerebral cortex. This part of the brain controls your thought, language, and social interaction. In this stage you ‘re talkative and your actions are less controlled.
    Cerebral cortex
  2. Hippocampus – After intoxicated cerebral cortex, alcohol strikes hippocampus. This part of you brain control memories, so probably in this stage, you ‘re losing some memories. In addition, your emotions could be exaggerated.
  3. Cerebellum – In the 3rd stage, alcohol hits the part of your brain that is used for motor control – cerebellum. This is the moment when you have a serious trouble to keep your balance. Side effects are dizziness and vomiting.
  4. Medulla oblongata – In the final stage, alcohol gets to the medulla oblongata. This cause disruption of automatic functions, like heart rate and breathing. If you are at this stage, an urgent medical intervention is necessary, because you are at high risk of alcohol poisoning.
    Medulla oblongata purple


    Although alcohol can feel as though it is relieving stress, it breaks down your body. The liver is overloaded, as metabolizes around 90% of the alcohol you consume. In normal condition, liver process one glass of alcohol per hour. The rest goes through urine and breath. Eating some food can help to drink less.

The alcohol statistic of USA isn’t promising. In 2015 more than 66.7 million Americans reported binge drinking. In addition, alcohol consumption is the cause of 88,000 deaths in the USA.

Remember these alcohol facts whenever you plan to celebrate. Especially for holidays. Those days are days when we have to enjoy with family and friends. We need them healthy and sober so that we can celebrate together the coming years.