When we think of an extremely high intelligence, our first association are the greatest minds of science such as Einstein or Tesla. Having high IQ mast be a good thing, at least from the perspective of an average man. We could easily perform tasks, achieve certain goals, simply – be happier. But is it possible that high intelligence has its drawbacks? That being too smart sometimes is an obstacle? It seems like it is.

Recently, on the Quora, the question was asked: When does intelligence become a curse? Users wrote many answers with explanations. According to them, there is a lot of issues when you’re too smart. Some of them are next:

1) Top performer – no need for help/support

“Hey, you are smart! What else do you need in life? Too many chores at home? You are smart, you can multitask, you don’t need a hand.” said Gauli Noorkar. Another writer, Roshna Nazir, said: “You are automatically expected to be the best, no matter what”.

It appears that smart people have also their insecurities and needs to be supported. Too many expectations lead to the self-esteem problems.

2) Over thinking – lack of feeling

Another user, Marcus Geduld, mention the problems with the distinction between cognitive and emotional skills. He claims: “I’ve slowly come to understand that thinking is a blunt instrument for feeling and expressing one’s inner self.

Actually, scientist already researches about this problem. They came to the conclusion that smart people don’t need emotional skills to solve complicated problems. Researchers tried to find a relationship between those two set of skills in the work environment.

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3) Arrogance and loneliness

“In certain settings, a smart person likely has to adjust their personality and manner of speaking because if they use their normal vocabulary and speak about their typical interests, they will sound like a pretentious know-it-all.” wrote Athena Ponce.  If people think you are arrogant just because you know too much, it leads to the rejection. Satyanarayana Shanmugam said: “You might end up having a poor social life. It is difficult to find people with a similar level of intelligence depending on how smart you are. People with a lower level of intelligence will subconsciously avoid you because your very presence can make them feel less intelligent, and nobody likes that. ” Issues with social relationships reports Erica Friedman: “It’s true that being intelligent can make you feel alone – especially as a child, when you are limited by social obligations you do not choose for yourself and financial dependence on others.”

4) Over worrying and ruminating mind

Too much knowledge may lead to the problems of making a choice or right decision. Further, this refers to be constantly worried. An understanding of the possible ramifications of your decisions, especially the tendency to over-analyze those consequences, makes it so that the decision is never taken. Indeed, one in-depth study found that intelligence may be connected with too much worrying.

5) Anxiety and depression

After all these issues, it is not hard to suppose that nature consequences are anxiety and depression. Maybe the line between bless and curse is thin. Being highly intelligent is certainly useful in the most of the situations in life, but obviously, it has its own price.