Sleep learning sounds like a dream, but actually it is not. This phenomenon is also known as hypnopedia. It probably doesn’t work if you put the book under your pillow, and wake up as a walking encyclopedia. Still, there are certain ways to improve your knowledge through the sleep. The magic word is – sound.
The whole idea comes from an American inventor Alois Benjamin Saliger, who thought that natural sleep condition is same as the hypnotized state. He invented the Psycho-Phone for sleep learning counting on the receptiveness of an unconscious mind. Recently have been conducted several experiments. For all of these experiments, the most important instrument for testing was sound. Here is what you can learn while you’re sleeping.

Forgetting where you put something?

Scientists believe that our brain separates important from less important memory by using some sort of the tagging system. One cognitive study revealed that memory linked to the sound is more likely to be durable. They tested a group of volunteers to put the computer icons to the specified location. Each icon movement has its own sound. Then volunteers have to sleep. The sounds were played to the one part of the participants. The another part of the group heard nothing. Results have shown that the ones who heard the sounds during the sleep could recall all of the objects. So if you have trouble to remember where you leave things just connect it with melody and everything will be easier to found.

Learning to play music?

The video game Guitar Hero was the technique that is used for this particular study. Namely, the participants learned to play guitar melodies same to the game concept. Then they were sent to the bed. During a nap, part of them listened to the melody and another part not. After waking they were asked to play again. The ones who have listened to melody during a sleep played much better.

Study new language?

Good news for the ones who have troubles with foreign language learning. A scientist from the University of Zurich conducted an experiment where native German speakers have to learn Dutch. They started with the basic vocabulary. Of course, they were asked to go to sleep after studying. To the part of students has been played the sound of the words that they recently taught. They were unaware of it. When they were awake, they could repeat and translate almost all words. Another part of students was not that successful. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea next time when you’re going to sleep to use iPod or mp4 to better memorize new foreign words.
Therefore, if you learning to play or to speak a foreign language or you’re just forgetful, tried to link it to the specific sound and your dreams will do the rest.