Google And Levi’s Launch The First Smart Jacket


Wearable technology is in its infancy yet, but Google with their partner Levis releasing the product which will be the first of a whole series of smart clothes that will be launched in the coming years. Two years after Google and Levi’s announced plans to work on smart garments, their first co-designed project – the Commuter Trucker Jacket, arrives this fall and will cost $350. On a first sight, it looks like a classic jacket, but with its features, this piece of clothing brings a whole new level in wardrobe industry.

Taking the idea of wearables to a whole new level, Levis Commuter X could be the first product of its kind.

Project Jacquard

Two years ago Google and Levis started project Jacquard using technology composed of conductive fabric woven into the garment to create an interactive patch that senses touch. Essentially, it allows the conductive fabric to turn a standard article of clothing into a connected device that can send instructions to the smartphone. The result is connected denim smart jacket.

Named as Commuter Trucker Jacket, it contains electronic circuits woven into the fabric, composed of 15 touch sensitive conductive threads. Also, there’s a little Bluetooth-enabled loop that is connected to the cuff of the jacket, which allows the communication with the smartphone. The functionality is customizable, so a person can configure exactly what gestures want to work.

Instead of taking the phone out of pocket, touches and gestures that are detected by the interactive denim are transmitted to a device

The jacket will come with an app and available activities are playing the music, answering calls, interaction with GPS apps. These activities can be controlled with the following functions: circular movement, full palm press, slide back, double tap, and slide forward.  Google still working to find third-party developer which could contribute to the extension of existing capabilities. Jacket maintenance is easy. It can be safely washed after removing the Bluetooth adapter.

It remains to bee seen the public reaction after product release, but the first impression of this modern and functional smart jacket gives a hint of a successful wearable tech future.

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