Is there reason to believe that the universe can self-destruct anytime? Watch the video “In a Nutshell” to find out.

The universe could self-destruct any moment and without warning as suggested by a group of physicists. This indicates that our very existence will someday be reduced to nothingness when this so-called self-destruction happens.

According to a video entitled “In a Nutshell”, the self-destruction theory suggests that humankind may someday be entirely wiped out in a second, without warning.

Kurzgesagt created the video, suggesting a morbid scenario. While this may appear ridiculous, we won’t stand to lose if we attempt to understand our universe and take a few lessons on energy levels.

Energy levels in varying degrees are present in everything that’s found on earth. A piece of wood has high energy level but once it is burned and reduced to ashes, its original energy level goes down.

Moreover, everything found in the universe typically stays at its stable, normal state and as such will have very minimal energy.

Following this line of thought, if anything in the universe turns unstable, it’s normal course is to go back to its stable state. In the process of returning to its normal state, it will expend energy.
These two fundamentals also apply to quantum mechanics.

Now let us relate these two to quantum fields which, according to science, are the rules of the universe that particles in the universe follow.

Quantum fields are also governed by both rules on stability and energy levels. However, the normal state for these fields is called the vacuum state.

It is assumed that each quantum field is already in a vacuum state with the exception of Higgs Field. Particles in the universe have mass because of this field.

It is also assumed that the Higgs Field is faking its vacuum state and that in reality, it is not in a stable state at all.

According to the video, as the Higgs Field is in a fake vacuum state, there is the presence of energy that can be released anytime. Anything could trigger it, as explained in the video.

This assumption is close to the theme of the movie “Chicken Little”. If indeed something prompts the Higgs Field to release potential energy, then the likely scenario is that a ball of death will destroy everything that is on its path.

The theory can be alarming but no one really knows when the end of things will really come. Meantime, let’s just keep our fingers crossed.